Kayak and canoe

Any traveller may call oneself lucky if one has the possibility to visit the wonderful world of the Tisza Lake. Our guides will take you on traditional fishing boats on a trip across the gentle waves of the Tisza river and show you the beautiful coastal forests and the various birds of the area.

The flora and fauna of the Tisza Lake

The flora of the lake is quite rich. There is an extensive water chestnut population here, that is quite rare in Europe and as such it is protected, and the coast is usually covered by sedge and bulrush. One can also find here reed mannagrass and several species of kelp. On the surface of the water duckweed, floating watermoss frolics, during summer large colonies of water lillies and nuphar flowers. The drier patches of the floodplain is inhabited by willow and poplar.

White willow and grey poplar is a native species here and both can be easily recognized by their silvery sheen on the back of the leaves. Insectae are represented by colourful dragonfly and the day fly that requires absolutely clear water and is strictly protected.

The swampy, plant covered habitats offer a hiding place for the different frogs, while reptiles are represented by pond turtles and grass snakes. Tisza river is rich is fish and is a real heaven for anglers. One can find here all the species native to the Tisza river, like carps, pike, catfish, goldfish, trench, walleye, ash and different subspecies of bream. The biggest dwarf catfish were also caught here. One can find large colonies of birds here as well, both passing and nestling species. During a boat trip one can surely encounter night heron, cormorant, grey heron and spoonbill, coot, and a marsh harrier circling high above. With some luck one can also catch a glimpse of the rare osprey as well.

Regarding mammals one must mention the common otter and the beaver that was recently repopulated and became so prolific that it spread to other surface waters too.


For rent:
– touring kayak for 1 person
– touring kayak for 2 person
– touring canoe for 3 persons
– touring canoe for 4 persons

– pads and life wests are included
– plastic barrels are available on request
– guide is available on request
– Tisza Lake tourist map is available for purchase


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