Any traveller may call himself lucky if he has the possibility to visit the wonderful world of the Tisza Lake. To get most connected to the nature, one should spent the night in a tent. In the camping of the marina we offer sports with direct access to the water for tents and for RVs. There is a well-equipped common shower and an open-air cooking-barbecuing place as well for our guests.

Although guests to our camping will get every help for a perfect visit, we have a few recommendations especially for those coming for the first time to our wonderful world. Let’s see them!

Useful equipment

A torch with spare batteries, toilet paper, matches (in a watertight container), a multi-functional pocket knife, candles, insect repellent, can-opener, additional cord for fastening the tent (or for hanging up clothes).

Protecting the environment

The most important is to take everything one brought here back home. Littering and damaging the environment is not allowed. Using spikes to fasten the tent to trees is forbidden. Starting a fire is only allowed in designated places.


It is recommended to plan your meal beforehand to make sure no unnecessary portions are made. Think in creating simple dishes. Do not carry ingredients in unnecessarily numerous boxes as they take up a lot of space and will bother you inside the tent.


Always check the forecast before going on a vacation and pack your luggage accordingly. Always have watertight clothes and a pack of food and drink for emergencies.


Pack your clothes for every day in a separate bag, especially if you’re travelling with children. this way you can avoid digging knee deep in your luggage for a pair of socks and you can easily put away soiled clothes in the bag.

Illumination inside the tent

Each kid and you too shall have a separate torch to avoid fights. Kids just love to play with torches and sometimes they also forget to turn it off. Always have several spare batteries safely stored for these occasions to replace used ones.

Illumination outside the tent

Make sure that you have one or two paraffin lanterns or dynamo laps that are equipped with a hanger. These are more useful and also safer than a candle. Place them in a comfortable height to make sure they do not get in the way.


A parasol is a useful equipment. It helps creating a shade and protect your kid from a sunburn, but it may also be used to protect the tent. Also you might want to use it while cooking, as the fire itself creates more than enough heat.

+1 advice

Even though it may seem to be an extremely good idea to bring your portable DVD player, tablet or other gadget along, this time you should leave them at home. Spend your time chasing clouds, make excursions, read a great book. This way you will be able to really revive yourself.


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