Boat trips

Any traveller may call oneself lucky if one has the possibility to visit the wonderful world of the Tisza Lake. Our guides will take you on traditional fishing boats on a trip across the gentle waves of the Tisza river and show you the beautiful coastal forests and the various birds of the area.

We’ll guide you through lesser and greater channels to the endless surface of the calm water of the reservoir that is surrounded by dried out but still intact trees to create a landscape like no other. The backwaters have an even richer flora and fauna. Plant and animal species, some of them already protected have reclaimed this beautiful area according to ancient laws of nature. The tour lasts for approximately two hours and encompasses a distance of about 25 km. On request, this can be extended by taking a bath or stopping for ornithological observations.

Tours start out from Kormorán marina that is located at Tiszafüred-Örvény near Hableány Hotel, on the bank of the Tisza river. Private parking is accessible. Sign up at the spot or in our partner offices. Tours for smaller or larger groups are available as well, with optional picnic baskets filled with delicacies of the season. On prior request returning guests may enjoy a meal cooked in a cauldron.

The price of the tour is 4,500.- HUF/4 persons/hour.

Nature lovers and those looking for some peace and quiet are also welcome as our lakeside cottages offer an ideal location for them.


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