Rent one of our bikes and make a trip around the lake, it is one of the best possible trips in the country.

Any traveller may call oneself lucky if one has the possibility to visit the wonderful world of the Tisza Lake and combining this with a bike tour is the best idea. Biking infrastructure around Tisza Lake is excellent. The route trails almost constantly right next to the lake.

The trip from Kormorán marina to Abádszalók is mostly uneventful, but not annoying at all. One must not be a biologist to get fascinated by nature. Right before Kisköre a lamp directs passage on the dam, one has to wait for those coming from the opposite direction. After the dam a slightly rundown recreational area is next, but only for about a mile, then it returns to the dam again. From Kisköre to Poroszló the route reverts to the same as it was from Tiszafüred to Abádszalók, but here one can find several beaches and camping sites as well. This also includes the embankment areas as well. Even if one would be shut down, it is easy to take a couple hundred meters of detour and return to the dam again. Like everything around the Tisza Lake, these beaches also summon up the romanticism of the socialist era, but only the most positive aspects. Yellow vestiaries with red polka dots, blue slides and old RVs, buildings in the stile that was common 30-40 years ago, but all in excellent condition.

The only weak point of this otherwise hearth warming trip is at the end. Unfortunately, the last 7 kilometres of the trip leads on road No. 33. From Poroszló to Tiszafüred unfortunately there is no other road. Right before the MOL petrol station before Tiszafüred one has to turn left and follow the signs and instructions. A bike route and a separate kike trail leads back to the dam, and from the dam it’s only a matter of seconds to get back to the marina. The whole trip is about 65-70 kilometres and takes about 3 and a half hours, but even if one takes a nice lunch and stops for some sightseeing, it can be accomplished in 5 hours comfortably. However, it may be worthwhile spending several days on the bike here. Not because of the distance, but to visit every possibility around the lake (nature trails, water tours, beaches, etc.)

One needs no special training to accomplish this, even women in the early phase of pregnancy may enjoy it. Even if one takes into account the last slightly uncomfortable seven kilometres, it is one of the best cross-lake bike trail in the country.


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