Kormorán marina is a great central camp for angling trips. Here you can rent a fishing boat (with or without an engine), and licences and guides are also offered on request. In the river-basin that crosses Tisza Lake and in the surrounding reservoir almost any angling methods are allowed as the place offers a variety of fishes.

Almost any native species allowed for angling may be found here, starting with the trench hiding among the water lilies, the vivacious asp, or even the coveted giant catfish. This is an ideal habitat for them. During the whole season 6000 hectares of open water and an accompanying 3000 hectares covered with sedge and bulrush offer an aquatic world of exploration for anglers. The beauty and the romanticism of the area affects both the occasional guest and the regular angler. And because of this, a carp caught under the shades of the trees on the bank, the long fight with the pike at one of the backwater sites, or a walleye placed onto the boat with frozen hands offers so much more.

Services for anglers:

– lodging in one of the houses or in the camping
– boat rental
– guide
– information about the lake and about angling
– annual or daily licences

Our offer for anglers making their first visit to the reservoir:

Most of us approach unknown waters with a heavy hearth and one needs lodging, licence, boat, a suitable spot and a right method. All these add to the increased level of uncertainty. But if you trust us, we’ll organize your trip and take care of all these things. We offer you lodging with direct access to the lake, a fishing boat that suits your needs and a guide. If you want, we’ll present you with the various possibilities and give you advice to catch the fish you really want. This means that you’ll only have to concentrate on a successful angling, but even in this case you can hire one of our professional guides.

Our offer for expert anglers who have been here before:

We’ll offer you updates on recent developments related to the lake and to angling opportunities. You can request this even over the phone before you come. We also offer all-round services. If you arrive with your own boat, we’ll help you to lower it into the water and after a successful outing we’ll help you clean the fish and tidy your boat.

Fish species native to Tisza Lake:

Noble fish:

  • carp
  • catfish
  • pike
  • walleye
  • asp

Common fish:

different subspecies
of bream

  • laposkeszeg
  • compó
  • trench
  • goldfish
  • roach
  • rudd
  • ablet
  • dwarf catfish
  • black catfish
  • amur

Other native fishes of the Tisza river:

Noble fish:

  • mullet
  • sterlet

Common fish:

  • garda

Protected species native to the Tisza Lake and to the Tisza river

Noble fish:

  • white-finned gudgeon
  • bitterling
  • loach
  • spined loach
  • sabanejewia aurata
  • European mudminnow

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